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Reviews by Julie D.

  1. Thank you for your healing hands. The atmosphere you create is warm, beautiful, and calming.

  2. I had a poor quality of life due to health care issues I had, including chronic pain, however after a few treatments, I felt a shift in my energy, health, and could finally let go of the limiting beliefs that had been holding me back. I would recommend her, and her services, to anyone looking to improve their physical health, mental health, or to find light within.

  3. Peony truly takes care of her clients. The increased awareness of body and spirit that developed during our session has changed the trajectory of my life path.

  4. Peony is punctual, organized, and accommodating. Booking the appointments was very easy. Excellent customer service. She creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and warm.

  5. Peony's calming, powerful energy transports me into a deep state of relaxation, while she works quietly, and peacefully, around me. On the days that I can't settle my mind and ask questions, she always provides insight.

  6. The treatments are grounding and rejuvenating, like laying in a field of wildflowers, on a warm summer day.

Hi Peony,

Thank you again for the fabulous treatment yesterday!

I just wanted to let you k now that I didn't have any right hip pain since your treatment! 

Even when I sit for an hour and get up, the pain is gone.

There was a tiny bit in the night but hardly any.

I am going to tell a lot of people of your treatment! I am so amazed! 

Nothing was taking my hip pain away until your treatment.

Thanks again Peony! I am overjoyed. Sandy M.

Merry Christmas Peony. I am very fortunate to have you in my life, and I must say you make me feel awesome. Your reflexology, reiki and your massages have really enhanced my life. Love and I will see you in the New Year. Darlene P.

Peony, your Glow yin yoga class last night at Selkirk left my body feeling such good vibrations. I was in a cloud when I left and couldn't really describe how I felt! I fell asleep quickly (which never happens) and I hardly had any leg pain last night. I slept till 10! And it wasn't pain that woke me up! It's so amazing. Thank you so much for this respite. You rock my friend! I'm grateful!

Stone Pebbles


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